“By innovation only.” – Keynote Thoughts and Predictions

The summer has flown by, so that means only one thing. The iPhone Keynote, but what should be expect to see?


This year we are set to get 3 iPhone Models to replace the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Unlike previous years, all of the models will be refereed to as the iPhone 11, with the later 2 models being suffixed with Pro.

The iPhone 11, the upgrade to the iPhone XR, will continue to feature the same LCD Liquid Retina Display that it debuted with last year, but it will gain an additional wide angle camera for the equivalent configuration of lasts years iPhone XS and XS Max

The iPhone 11 Pro, the successor to the iPhone XS and XS Max is also set to gain an additional camera in the form of an ultra wide angle camera, meaning that they will both feature a 3 camera configuration. The hope of the 3 camera configuration is that the iPhone will be able capture better low light pictures, and hire quality videos.

In terms of other hardware improvements, the iPhone is set to get Bi-Lateral inductive charging, which will allow you to charge your AirPods directly from your iPhone.

Another major hardware change is the subtle removal of 3D Touch, thus making Haptic Touch the universal way to access contextual content across iOS. I have mixed feelings about this as I actually like and use 3D Touch regularly, but I guess Apple have the numbers to back up removing this feature from this years iPhones.


iOS 13…. 13.1? The iOS 13 Betas have been a rough ride for developers and beta users this year. From a developer’s perspective the major headline features of Combine and Swift UI, have been subject too numerous revisions and changes form Beta to Beta. In fairness this is the right call for Apple to make, as will have to live with these changes for years to come. The more worrying issues where related to some more foundational features such as iCloud, which has caused data loss for a lot ofusers and resulted in feature changes such as shared folders being bumped from the last betas.

I would expect Apple to start accepting iOS and iPadOS app submissions compiled against the iOS 13 SDK,right after the Keynote, with iOS 13.0 rolling out to customers next week.

In addition to iOS 13, I would expect to see iOS 13.1 too also be announced for release at the end of the month. This will include some of the removed features, such as HomeKit triggered shortcuts reinstated. The iCloud changes? Let’s not mention those.


iOS isn’t the only update getting released this month, with this years annual update to macOS, Catalina, also set to be given a release date at this event. The highlight of this macOS release is Catalyst, the technology that allows iOS apps to be brought to the Mac. Expect to see a lot of good and not so good iOS apps to make their way over to the Mac in the next few months, and I would expect to see these demoed at the keynote.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 5 is set to get unveiled, with the major change be the inclusion of ceramic and titanium models. Logically these would be Edition Ranges, something that is currently not in the Series 4 line up, but with this in mid I would expect them to be priced in the £1300 to £1500 range.


AppleTV+ got unveiled earlier in year alongside the Apple Card and Apple News+, but unlike those AppleTV+ has been released yet, in fact we don’t even know the price. With the world’s tech media taking a keen interest in the iPhone unveiling its seems logical that Apple would take the opportunity to show off its latest subscription service. Will we see some more content? More than likely. Will we find out the price? Im less sure.

Apple Arcade

At WWDC in June Apple Announced another subscription service, Apple Arcade, and like AppleTV+ we are yet to find out a price. Unlike AppleTV+ I am expecting to find out the the price, more than likely $4.99 a month, and will be released along side iOS 13 (or maybe 13.1) this month. The most interesting is what content Apple have managed to acquire for its subscription service, as Apple requires mobile exclusively for all games on Apple Arcade, its is mostly going to be completely new content.

Apple Tag

Although there are rumours of a redesigned MacBook Pro, boasting a 16” display, and even AR Glasses being imminently announced, I think the most likely completely new product to be announced at this event is Apple Tag. Apple Tags are set to be UWD Bluetooth devices that can be attached to items, which periodically broadcast their existence to all iPhone, so that they can be found using the Find My app. Not revolutionary but useful nevertheless.